Stories of design.

Purified forms of modernity through surface, form...
reflection of an essence, deeper.
From the bowels of Earth.

Creativity of life.

Endless efforts to reach harmony… Again and again,
each time in a different way, with a different thought,
with different hands, through different eyes.

Through our eyes.

My hands, your hands.
Through my feelings, through yours.
An expression of everything that existed, exists.
An embryo of things to come, stories to come.

Stories design


STORIES design® presents top quality products of useful modern design and thus promotes local natural conditions and both cultural and historical characteristics The STORIES design® products radiate simplicity, relaxation, harmony and timelessness and bask in their exclusivity.



The PRIMEVAL EXPRESSIONS collection is intended for the moments that everybody needs but only seldom affords. It is created for moments of pleasure. Primeval Expressions awaken primeval feelings in us. Contact with nature, simplicity of life, the search for balance and harmony.

Več o tem


There are different tastes, wishes and opportunities in gift-giving. You can choose from smaller or bigger glasses, from crystal or crystalline, with coasters made of xylite or walnut. In an elegant gift packaging, together with the story book and a certificate.

Več o tem