Primeval Expressions

Contact with nature, simplicity of life, the search for balance and harmony.

Collection of glasses ''Primeval Expressions''

Collection of water and spirit crystal glasses.

Glasses STORIES designThe egg embodies the  primal reflection of truth in the world. It is symbolically connected with the creation of the world, in several cultures it occurs as the symbol of nature’s revival, it presents the creative power of light and is a symbol of welfare as well as being a symbol of the value of leisure.

A drop of glass fluid trapped in the vibrant crystal glass stabily moves on its own round shape and is accompanied by softly designed coaster from 2.5 million years old wood – Xylite or from walnut wood.

The author of the collection of glasses PRIMEVAL EXPRESSIONS is Mateja Krašovec Pogorelčnik, STORIES design® co-founder.

There are different tastes, wishes and opportunities in gift-giving. You can choose from smaller or bigger glasses, from crystal or crystalline, with coasters made of xylite or walnut. In an elegant gift packaging, together with the PRIMEVAL EXPRESSIONS story book and a certificate. All glasses and coasters are handmade by experienced Slovene artists, so each product is unique.

Catalogue Primeval Expressions (pdf)


Crystal from Steklarna Rogaska, Slovenia

A glass from the egg-shaped collection PRIMEVAL EXPRESSIONS is the result of manual and team work of experienced glass masters of Glass Factory Rogaška, which is among the top producers of crystal glasses in the world and has 350 years of tradition. The products from Rogaška crystal decorate the homes of several celebrities and famous politicians, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II. A glass of softened shapes is made of top quality crystal or crystalline, which are distinguished by their typical gloss and a rich metallic sound. Thanks to the rounded shapes and the principles of gravity, the glass is playful and special. It fits into the palm of the hand perfectly and draws a special charm from its top that is cut in a sloped shape.

Xylite from Coal Mine Velenje, Slovenia

Xylite is a rare, two and a half million year old material with a high aesthetic value. It is a liquid hydrocarbon found in crude wood spirits that preserves the typical structure of wood. The miners search for xylite deep under the surface of the earth, in the mines of Velenje Pit. As it is very sensitive, xylite can only be processed by the most experienced workers. An innovative technological procedure was patented by Ksilit d.o.o. at the Slovenian Patent office (Slovenian Intellectual Property Office). The coaster made of prestige xylite brings out the most precious characteristics of the glass. Due to its deep dark color, this material looks very elegant and due to it being handmade, it feels as smooth as silk.

Walnut from Slovenia

Walnut is a mighty tree and its wood is one of the most prestigious timbers growing in Slovenia. It is appreciated because of its rarity, noble color and velvet touch. The elegant glass coaster from noble walnut wood creates a mighty couple along with the glass. The skilled artisan Darko Skufca, who has many years of experience in carving furniture, equipment and other elements for home decoration, has done his job perfectly. He created a soft egg-like shape from the mighty walnut wood and added a gentle groove for the perfect fit for the vivid glass, which nestles comfortably in the coaster. Mr Skufca  also makes the coasters manually from precious xylite for the PRIMEVAL EXPRESSIONS collection.

Unique STORIES design® feature

A unique feature of the STORIES design® trademark are the original short stories that accompany every collection in the form of a miniature book. The artistic texts are based on the designer’s initial points and thus create a basis for a more intense perception and deeper understanding of the design.


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